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WoT Object 140 Gameplay ♦ 10k Dmg 7 Frags Medium Tank Review

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Добавлено от Admin В World of tanks gameplay
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WoT Object 140 gameplay review, in this WoT Object 140 review the Object 140 WoT delivers 7 Frags and 10k Dmg in a great WoT replays Object 140 Medium Tank review. In this outstanding WoT Object 140 gameplay the Tier X Soviet Medium Tank wins numerous medals including the Top Gun medal in an inspiring Object 140 WoT review on the Mountain Pass map. Early on in this WoT replays Object 140 the Object 140 takes out the EBR 105 and Object 430U in typical WoT Object 140 gameplay. I really enjoyed this Object 140 WoT gameplay and the way this rapid Medium tank played so aggressively to devastating affect in awesome WoT replays Object 140. Towards the end of this Object 140 WoT review the Soviet Medium Tank takes out the enemy FV4005 and Object 268 in memorable Object 140 gameplay. This was one of the better Object 140 Wot Replays / Object 140 best replays i've released.

During this WoT Object 140 review I've added some useful WoT Object 140 gameplay tips, guides and tutorials on re-load, armor and penetration. If you enjoy this WoT Object 140 gameplay review stay tuned in for more WoT gameplay Object 140.

The player in this WoT Object 140 review is tysjen (APAZ) a good player from the EU server, tysjen showed 100% how to play the Soviet Tier X Medium Tank in a highly skilled Object 140 WoT gameplay.

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--- WoT Object 140 Gameplay details ---
Tank: Soviet Tier X Medium Tank.
Map: Mountains Pass - Standard.
7 Kills, 10k Dmg.

--- WoT Object 140 Gameplay Summary ---
In comparison to its sister tanks, the Object 140 is the fastest, and gains an extra degree of gun depression - allowing it to make use of more terrain to hull down and minimise exposure as it fires. It generally, more so than its predecessor, the T-54, relies on vision control and camo as opposed to armour to achieve its goals of dealing damage and scouting for the rest of the team. While the turret can take a beating frontally, it does have a weak cupola, making it marginally less effective than a T-62A hull-down. Previous to patch the turret roof had a meagre 20mm of armour (as the Object 907 still does), making it easily overmatched due to the 3x calibre rule. However since then the roof has been increased to 45mm.

For this reason, the Object 140 has become clearly superior to the T-62A, as the small cupolas can be easily mitigated by making use of the superior gun handling and constantly moving, making hitting them extremely difficult, and thus removing the one clear advantage the T-62A previously had. In comparison to the T-54, the Object 140 is far more of an all round tank due to the much better gun handling, average penetration and turret armour.

The Object 140 is a staple in tier X competitive play for players who have not yet participated in a Clan Wars Campaign to gain access to the Object 907. It has armour that can bounce shots when needed, excellent damage per minute and very good mobility, making it very well suited to the "wolf-packs" that are used very frequently, whilst still being flexible enough to work on its own or with one or two other vehicles. It only loses out to the Object 907 because of the incredibly bouncy hull armour that the 907 has, as well as its slightly better rate of fire further boosting its damage per minute. However the Object 140 has a more effective turret, due to the aforementioned buffs that it received, marginally better gun handling, and an extra degree of gun depression.
As of , the Obj. 140 has been buffed somewhat. The hull effective is now about 220 on the upper plate, due to the thickness increasing, and the gun depression has been increased from -6 to -7.

--- Wargaming ---
World of Tanks is a massive online multiplayer game, also known as WoT developed by Belarusian company Wargaming, featuring mid-20th century World Of Tanks gameplay 1930s–1960s era combat vehicles.[1] It is built upon a freemium business model where the game is free to play, but participants also have the option of paying a fee for use of "premium" features.

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