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World of Tanks T92 HMC - 4 Kills 7,5K Damage

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World of Tanks T92 HMC - 4 Kills 7,5K Damage

Medals received: Confederate, High Caliber

The T92 HMC is an American tier 10 self-propelled gun.

A SPG developed in 1945 on the basis of the T26E3 for destroying bunkers and underground hideouts on islands of the Pacific. Five vehicles were built, including the experimental one. The project was discontinued when the war ended.

Also known as "Nuke Cannon" or "King Kong". The T92 HMC is the hardest-hitting artillery vehicle in the game, armed with a massive 240mm howitzer. The damage and splash from this gun is enormous and can cripple any tank it hits, but the burst radius of each shell is so vast that it is not required to make a direct hit. Splash from high explosive shells can cripple any tank that happens to be within a few meters of the impact. If an HE shell manages to penetrate the target it will most likely be knocked out or very heavily damaged. Armor piercing rounds are discouraged, as the gun is very inaccurate, but if one makes a connection, it has the ability to one-shot Tier IX tanks and some Tier X's. The T92 lacks effective gun depression, a feature that makes self-defense very difficult. This is worsened by the vehicle's low mobility, which while having been improved in a recent patch remains a liability. The T92's main gun currently has the single highest alpha damage output in the game.

In the rework patch the T92's alpha was dramatically decreased by 58% -- from 2,250 to 1300 -- and its AP ammo was removed. But on par with new stun mechanics the T92 has the highest stun damage in the game with a wider burst radius.

The T92 HMC marks the end of its American self-propelled gun line.

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