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World of Tanks Super Conqueror - 5 Kills 11,1K Damage

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World of Tanks Super Conqueror - 5 Kills 11,1K Damage

Medals received: High Caliber

The Super Conqueror is a British tier 10 heavy tank.

A variant of the Conqueror tank with extra armor protection. Manufactured during the first half of the 50s and used for testing the Dart and Malkara guided anti-tank missiles. During testing, the vehicle played the role of a heavy tank that could potentially appear in the future. Never saw mass-production.

Replaced FV215b in patch. The Super Conqueror is basically the Conqueror covered with very thick spaced armor. It is less similar to American counterparts due the fact that its hull can take much more damage, and it has capabilities to angle the hull which makes it much harder to penetrate. But, oddly similar to German Super-Heavy tanks, its lower plate is a weak spot and is easily penetrated if not covered or not angling your hull correctly.

The Super Conqueror marks the end of its British heavy line.

Outro song: OST World of Tanks – Intro Login 2018


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