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Tog 2 Platoon Gameplay • World of Tanks

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▶️ Tog 2 Platoon • Most Fun Boring Tank To Play

The TOG II* is a British tier 6 premium heavy tank.

Developed for trench warfare. Initially, armament was to be placed in the front part of the hull and side sponsons. However, later it was decided not to add the sponsons and instead mount a turret. By 1943, when the TOG II* was completed and ready for trials, it was already obsolete. The vehicle never entered service.

Very large and slow, the TOG II is one of the most popular and easily recognizable vehicles in World of Tanks. Despite its bulky appearance, it's not an unstoppable behemoth and instead derives its strength from its 1,400 hit points and fantastic gun. The huge hit point pool and powerful, fast firing 17-pounder gun make it ideal as a base defense tank. With proper positioning and hit point rationing, it can swing seemingly hopeless situations in its favor and win battles for its teams.


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