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  • 11:27 Популярные Fiesta Transformer 1988-2013

    Fiesta Transformer 1988-2013

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    Fiesta Transformer 2013 My first car was a 1988 Ford Fiesta gifted to me by my father as I turned 17. Born in the UK to immigrant Indian parents, the passing of a car between generations provided me with my first taste of independence. In this new work, I

  • 01:49 Популярные Cereal Box Tanks: Marder III

    Cereal Box Tanks: Marder III

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    Full Screen Recommended No Audio Marder III Sd.Kfz139 Featured in Fine Scale Modeler Reader Gallery October 2009: Modeling a Marder III he saw at the Aberdeen Proving Ground, Kristopher scratchbuilt a 1/35 scale World War II German Marder III using cardbo

  • 01:17 Популярные Shiva "Destroyer of Worlds" By Jason A. Hite

    Shiva "Destroyer of Worlds" By Jason A. Hite

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    Shiva is a conceptual maquette of a female engineer in a hovering battle suit. The following are the suit attributes and abilities: 1. The upper right arm discharges a chemical agent not unlike the black liquid in Prometheus. The upper and lower barrels o