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  • 00:08 World Of Tanks | Intro

    World Of Tanks | Intro

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    For Wargaming.net

  • 00:47 Lighting and Shading. Maya, Arnold: World of Tanks

    Lighting and Shading. Maya, Arnold: World of Tanks

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    Two shots for the World of Tanks: All Platforms game trailer. RealtimeUK. Lighting, shading and effects, dynamics and simulation. Maya, rendered with Arnold. Full trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0RgsaqQgDV8

  • 00:30 World of Tanks TVC

    World of Tanks TVC

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    Money you have, the car you drive, employees, girls or fans you have it all doesn’t matter in combat. In World of Tanks no one cares about your status, money, car, girls or popularity. Battle awards are all that matters. We enhanced a couple of scenes for