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  • 02:32 Т-34: история победы "Кадр за кадром" T-34 the history of victory

    Т-34: история победы "Кадр за кадром" T-34 the history of victory

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    Работа выполнена специально для конкурса "Кадр за кадром" worldoftanks.ru Тема: «Т-34: история победы» 1 человек, 16 дней, 4 кг гипса, 2 баллона монтажной пены, коробка красок, модели 1/72. make of, without fx http://vimeo.com/36534532 Ну тут, пожалуй, ст

  • 00:24 Marc Woodall ~ Armored Tank Research & Development (2015)

    Marc Woodall ~ Armored Tank Research & Development (2015)

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    This is an animation/rig test for my "Centaur" tank. It is far from final, but it has definitely giving me a chance to learn and to grow! I hope you guys enjoy it. If anyone has any suggestions and or tips/tricks for ways to improve the tank rig, please l

  • 02:41 Популярные MCS Showreel 2018

    MCS Showreel 2018

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  • 01:16 Ilia Kapustin - Motion Design Reel

    Ilia Kapustin - Motion Design Reel

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    Ilia Kapustin - Motion Design Reel https://www.behance.net/cheiser

  • 01:38 War Stories

    War Stories

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    Following the success of the previous trailers RealtimeUK has produced for Wargaming, War Stories is the latest update to one of Gaming’s biggest titles.

  • 00:11 WG Explores

    WG Explores

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  • 00:30 Day of Tanks

    Day of Tanks

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    I found the music and instantly thought of synchronized dancing..Standing in for Busby Berkeley is Laurence Robinson. Promax Gold Award
 BDA Gold Award
 BDA Silver Award
 New York Festivals Bronze World Medal

  • 01:14 Популярные Wargaming CG Showreel 2017

    Wargaming CG Showreel 2017

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    Check out the Wargaming Marketing Creative Services portfolio: https://www.behance.net/wgmcs

  • 01:30 Популярные Jeff Briant Reel 2015

    Jeff Briant Reel 2015

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    What a year it's been. Here are some things I was up to since going completely freelance. Jeff Moberg did the rad Sound Design on the intro and outro. Song: Jon Hopkins - We Disappear INSTRUMENTAL CONTENTS 00:00 - 00:14 Intro Scene - Everything but Sound

  • 01:41 Wargaming


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    Video for Wargaming.net Design / Animation: Marchukov Vladimir Illustration: Dmitry Stolz Sound Design: Dmitry Novozhilov

  • 01:16 World of Tanks: Blitz

    World of Tanks: Blitz

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    Woodblock did the postproduction for this announcement trailer – directed & photographed by our good friends Moritz Mohr & Stephan Burchardt. Client – wargaming.net Production Company – Partizan Productions Direction – Moritz Mohr DoP – Stephan Burchardt

  • 00:52 World of Tanks: War Stories VFX Breakdown

    World of Tanks: War Stories VFX Breakdown

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    VFX Breakdown of our World of Tanks: War Stories cinematic. You can find the full case study over here http://www.realtimeuk.com/video/war-stories/

  • 02:08 world of tanks trailer

    world of tanks trailer

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