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  • 01:28 Популярные Bake Collisions to Vertex Color

    Bake Collisions to Vertex Color

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    Hi there. About 4months ago, I joined www.realtimeuk.com as a PipelineTD and during this period I've developed some cool tools. Today I got permission to share demo videos from some of these tools. This tool was made for "World of Tanks" Chinese Tanks Tra

  • 00:49 Популярные World Of Tanks

    World Of Tanks

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    ID for mmorpg World of Tanks. The whole video was done in 2k (2048x1536) Credits Client - Wargaming N3design company product Art Director - Golikov Andrey Supervisor - Listratov Konstantin Modeling\Texturing - Konzelko Aleksey, Lebedev Denis, Ivanov Pavel