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ST-I • 8,9k DMG • 8 Kills • World of Tanks Gameplay

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▶️ ST-I • 8,9k DMG • 8 Kills • World of Tanks Gameplay

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The ST-I is a Soviet tier 9 heavy tank.

The project was developed at Factory No. 92 in 1945. The design featured the Object 701 (IS-4) hull, but different transmission and suspension. The tank turret was developed from scratch. Existed only in blueprints.

Even when fully upgraded, the ST-I is the one of the slowest Tier 9 heavy tanks available. It's slow for a reason. It has very sturdy angled armor that is impenetrable to many Tier 8 guns, and is more than a challenge to penetrate when angled properly. A properly-driven ST-I can have confidence in its armor, especially when hull-down or sidescraping. The ST-I is almost half the weight of its predecessor, the KV-4, and thus isn't as well-suited for ramming, but in turn, can reach and maintain surprising speeds when pushed along by teammates. Its top 122mm gun is very powerful, yet gun handling is poor, and gun should rarely be fired on the move. Shots beyond 400 meters will require careful aiming. In the hands of a player who has mastered close to mid range combat, this tank can be a nasty surprise and extremely difficult for vehicles of the same and lower tier to penetrate. When top tier, the ST-I can easily lead its team to victory as a sturdy breakthrough tank coupled with formidable firepower.

The ST-I leads to the IS-4.


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