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World of Tanks S35 CA is a French tier 5 tank destroyer.

Developed on the basis of the obsolete R35 and S35 vehicles. The simple design allowed the open cabin with a British 17-pounder gun to be mounted on the chassis. However, the project was discontinued during the design phase due to a shortage and obsolescence of pre-war chassis, as well as an ineffective and unconventional gun.

Nicknamed as "The Bathtub" due its shape, this tank has a very accurate and good stock gun that is even better than the StuG III's top gun, making it an extremely fun tank to play if you can get past its appearance. The S 35 CA is able to upgrade by mounting two other great guns, the 105mm that packs a punch and can rip up tanks with ease, and a slightly more accurate and faster firing 90mm gun. But some people might prefer the 90mm, as it has a higher damage per minute than the hard-hitting 105mm.

Players will feel right at home with this TD even on stock values, especially after the grueling Somua SAu 40. The gun traverse is immense and comparable to the Marder II or T40.

The S35 CA leads to the ARL V39.

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