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Panther • 4,6k DMG • 7 Frags • World of Tanks Gameplay

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▶️ Panther • 4,6k DMG • 7 Frags • World of Tanks Gameplay

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The Panther is a German tier 7 medium tank.

This famous tank was produced from January 1943 through April 1945, with a total of 5,796 vehicles built plus eight vehicles built on the F series chassis.

Upon reaching the Panther, you will quickly find that the inherited sniper playstyle still applies. At stock, the Panther is armed with the 7.5 cm KwK 42 L/70 which, although a bit low on damage, has sufficient penetration and accuracy for its tier. Its lack of firepower, added to the weak hull sides, make this tank an easy victim in firefights. Once the Panther is fully upgraded and sporting the long, accurate 7.5 cm KwK 45 L/100, it's one of the best sniping tanks in tier. While it has a low damage totals, and a fairly slow rate of fire for a 75mm gun, it can penetrate virtually all lower tier tanks from any range, as well as higher tier opponents with well aimed shots. The Panther shines as an excellent mobile-sniper, but as top tier can contribute on the front lines as well.

The Panther leads to the Tiger II, and the Panther II.


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