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The talented Panhard EBR 105 player is trying to carry his team with excellent ammo.

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- Highest top speed in the game.

- Wheeled vehicle: very high reverse speed, and requires hitting 5 out of 8 wheels or disabling its engine to force the vehicle to stop.

- APCR provides very high shell velocity (1300m/s), allowing it to hitting moving targets with ease

- Insane turret traverse speed and very low aim time, combined with "special target locking", means it can snap shot very effectively

- Very low chance of catching fire (10%)

- Lowest HP of all tier X non-SPGs (1300) as well as having a larger but much weaker turret than its predecessor; extremely vulnerable to HE shells

- Lowest penetration of all non-derp guns at tier X; its premium HEAT shell also has underwhelming penetration even when compared to other tier X LT's

- Wheeled vehicle -- cannot rotate the hull while stationary, and when any wheel(s) are damaged its speed deteriorates significantly

- Low ammo capacity (36 rounds)

- Poor DPM due to relatively long reload time (12 seconds)

- Low view range (350m)

- Very low weight (17 tons) -- extremely prone to ramming
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