Copps' Acropora and Angelfish Dominated Reef Tank

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The beautiful aquarium of John Coppolino.

This reef is illuminated a 3 x 400w 14K Ushio Lamps, plus another 5 160w VHO actinics.

It features a myriad of SPS corals from the famed "Purple Monster" to the "$500 Efflo" as well as some vibrant Acroporids I've yet to encounter outside of this glassbox.

As for fish--take your pic. The Collinis, Joculators, Blueline, Regals, and the rest of the Angelfish make this tank truly unique. It then comes as no surprise that John's reef was included in the French version of Kiyoshi Endoh's Angelfishes of the World Book. See more information here:

Shot with with Canon EOS 500d (T1i) @1080p using Canon EF-S 17-55mm f/2.8 IS USM. Music: Hocus Pocus.

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