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| Cartoon tanks. World of tanks animation. Танки анимация. Tanks.

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Добавлено от Admin В World of tanks gameplay
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0:40 A mini tank in a cartoon about battles is very brave and enters the field of life all by itself. The world of tanks is opposed by a crazy king.
0:47 In cartoons about tanks online, a mini tank for children steals the crown of a crazy king. The mini tank won this battle in an animation about tanks.
Crazy king declares war on the world of tanks in cartoons about the battle. Now our hero tank must go very fast in order to be saved. The real war broke out in the cartoon about tanks online.
1:12 Crazy king sends aviation in a cartoon about tanks to destroy a mini tank and return its crown. Tanks for children will not be able to withstand such a bombing in this dangerous battle.
1:20 In our cartoon about tanks and battles, a thousand air bombs fly on our mini tank hero. He cannot survive in this war in the world of tanks.
1:33 Cartoons about tanks online for children end in tank defeat. War is lost in this series of animations about tanks. But tomorrow a new battle will take place in the world of tanks. Be sure to watch the new series of cartoons about tanks for children online.
0:06 Cartoons about tanks for children online tell that a small green tank in a battle with steel tanks stole a top-secret resource in the world of tanks.
0:17 Further in the animation about the battles and the war of tanks, a top-secret resource exploded because it was a trap for steel tanks that want to win the battle in the world of tanks at all costs.
0:20 In the tank war, the green tank got angry and shot at a giant steel tank to punish it in this battle in the online tank world.
0:24 A giant tank in a battle on a tank battlefield fired back and demolished a tower for a green tank for children online.
0:27 In the animation about tanks and cartoons about the war, the little green tank got angry and started firing at a giant steel tank to win the battle of tanks for children.
0:30 In a cartoon about tanks and battles in the world of tanks, a team of green tanks joined a small tank and also began to shell a tank monster in this battle.
0:39 The giant tank in the cartoon about tanks and battles in the world of tanks could not withstand the attack and exploded.
0:44 Then, in the animation about tanks online for children, a real monster tank appeared on the battlefield and battlefield, which could defeat enemy tanks with one shot.
0:37 Suddenly, we see that enemies are advancing on the village - a monster tank and an arsonist tank, known in the world of tanks for its cruelty.
0:51 An elder tank appears in the path of uninvited guests. He asks the monsters to get out of the village.
1:01 Instead of leaving, the monster tank destroys the elder and orders the arsonist to destroy everything in its path.
1:14 Green tanks begin the battle for their native village. The world of tanks has never seen such a battle.
1:46 Next, in the animation about tanks for children, a new hero appears - a young green tank. He watches with horror as the inhabitants of his native village die under the blows of bombs.
1:53 A tank arsonist launches his deadly weapon - a flamethrower. He sets fire to the house in which the small tanks are.
2:04 The green tank is trying to save the children, but the monster is attacking him and he is losing consciousness.
2:41 At the end of the cartoon, a green tank comes to its senses and sees its village destroyed. The battle ended in tragedy. He rushes in pursuit to catch up and destroy the invaders.
4:33 In an unequal battle, the green tank still defeats the arsonist. Will he be able to avenge the main villain, you will learn in the new cartoon series about tanks.
0:55 In a cartoon about the battle and war in the world of tanks for children online, a monster tank began to shoot enemy tanks and destroy all tanks on the battlefield.
1:02 A small green tank in a cartoon about a tank battle decided to save its friends in this war and shot a monster in the mouth of a tank, from which the monster tank failed and lost the war and battle in the world of tanks for children online.
0:05 In cartoons about tanks for children online, a war broke out between the teams of green and steel tanks and a fierce battle for resources.
0:23 In the animation about tanks, steel tanks guard their resource and are ready to fight for it on this battlefield in the world of tanks.
0:29 Next, in the cartoon about tanks for children online, the green tank decided to conquer the enemy tanks resource in order to win this battle in the world of tanks.
0:33 An animation about tanks and battles tells us that a green tank came to the tanks of the enemies and invited them to surrender in this battle and give it all the resources.
0:37 A cartoon about tank battles and war tells that a steel tank was stronger and simply threw a green tank from the battlefield.

created by GERAND

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