Armored Warfare PvP: Slowly descending into madness and rage

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Multistreaming with
And live on twitch too!

Hey you! YEAH YOU. Thanks for reading this description and welcome to my stream, happy to have you along:) Support Spitfires channel on streamlabs! (accepting credit cards and paypal)
Join me on my discord server!
I usually have game codes to give out for a donation via streamlabs and others, otherwise I can attempt to try out various hairstyles or put on rainbow fox/red fox ears. Please make sure I can access you on discord or email
Current codes.
2X Churchill 3+Garage slot+3days prem WoT EU

Muh goals.
10 Subs *Ding*
15 Subs *Ding*
20 Subs *Ding*
25 Subs *Ding*
30 Subs?*Ding*
50 Subs? *Ding*
75 Subs?: *Ding*
100? *Ding*
150 subs *Ding*
200 subs *ding*
300 subs *ding*
400 subs? *ding*
500 subs? *ding*
600 subs? *ding*
750 subs? uwu whuts this *ding*
800 subs?
World of tanks pvp

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